FEA & CFD Engineering Consulting Services

We create physically realistic models of Automotive, Aerospace, Turbomachinery and industrial process systems and equipment using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  simulation technology.

We utilise CFD simulations to gain an in-depth understanding of fluid behaviour and physical processes such as Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Multiphase, Turbulence, chemical reactions, combustion and particle separation. We analyse equipment and system performance and use our technical expertise and considerable experience to develop innovative and effective designs that meet your requirements.

Typical engineering problems that we provide support with include:

  • Clarifying operational problems by providing insight into underlying causes.
  • Support in the development of new designs.
  • Troubleshooting fluid dynamics problems.
  • Thoroughly test new design concepts, greatly reducing the risks associated adopting new designs.
  • Investigate abnormal and emergency scenarios to ensure design objectives are always achieved.

We are a smart and young group of CAE professionals, each with 10+ years of CAD/CAE experience and have proven as industry leading professionals in respective vertical of Computer Aided Engineering. Our young talent pool boasts of 10+ years of expertise in the following leading tools in the CAE industry .

CAE Pre processors:

  • Ansys Meshing Platform.

CFD/CAE Solvers: